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So you want to learn a little more about what I do outside of work?

Well, here is the beginning of a collection of tidbits. Knowing how much time I find for working on this page (i.e. not very much), it will be a while before this turns into something to show off...


Deep Roots, Inc

For over ten years, I was involved with helping kids in Zambia (Southern Africa) surmount the financial hurdles to access primary and secondary education. It started with a volunteer stint in Zambia's Southern Province in 2000. Then I volunteered my time from home for Deep Roots, Inc, who raised money for scholarships to help underprivileged youth in Zambia, Namibia and Guatemala. For a short time, we also had a program in Nepal. Eventually, the demands of the non-profit exceeded the free time its volunteer board and staff had, and the organization closed its doors in 2013.


I suppose one of my most consistently practiced hobbies over the years has been dancing, from ballroom to Irish step to Israeli and international folk to, most recently, square dancing. Our square dance club, the 2x4s, has two or three dances a month and offers classes at the basic, mainstream and plus levels.

Hiking, canoeing, camping, birding

Delaware is pretty flat, but its collection of state parks nonetheless offers a nice variety of hiking opportunities. For real mountains, though, we head to Pennsylvania and the Poconos. (OK, "real" mountains is relative: Nothing here compares quite to the majesty of the ranges we got to explore in the Pacific Northwest.)

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